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The ANU Philippines Institute aims to maintain and promote the role of The Australian National University as the world’s premier institution in the conduct of research, the practice of teaching, and a broad range of outreach activities on Asia and the Pacific region.

The Philippines Institute, together with other regional institutes at the ANU, serves as a hub for comprehensive expertise advice to policymakers and practitioners in the Philippines and Australia. It plays a critical role in bridging research and policy knowledge on Southeast Asia through a rich understanding of Philippine politics, economics and socio-cultural dynamics. The Institute also recognises the distinctive significance, context and history of the Philippines as a gateway to wider connections in the Pacific region, and in forging linkages that bring Asia together with the Pacific.

Director's Welcome

Welcome to the ANU Philippines Institute!

I am thrilled to announce my appointment as inaugural Director of the Philippines Institute, effective from August 2023. Working alongside Deputy Director Maria Tanyag and our expert advisors, I am filled with excitement as we embark on this journey to collaborate with other colleagues and regional institutes across the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, as well as other parts of the University, to cultivate a profound understanding of the Philippines, its rich culture, and its pivotal role within the Asia-Pacific region.

Our vision is to establish ourselves as a prominent global hub for research, policy dialogues, and graduate-level training, specifically focused on the Philippines' economy and society. The core mission of the Philippines Institute is twofold: to monitor and analyze economic developments within the Philippines and to convey insights to both the Australian and Philippine governments, businesses, and the broader community. Additionally, we aim to foster a culture of rigorous research centered on the Philippines' governance landscape and development. To this end, we are partnering with different stakeholders and institutions, including with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for the next 4.5 years on key thematic areas.

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These domains are poised to shape the cooperative landscape and support policymaking and reform efforts in the Philippines:

  • Strategic studies and foreign policy;
  • Economic recovery;
  • Gender, women’s empowerment, and peace;
  • The ongoing pursuit of peace, development, and political stability in Mindanao;
  • Other threats to stability, such as climate change, food insecurity, and the energy crisis;
  • Rule of law, human rights, and judicial governance; and
  • Governance, politics, and political communications.

With these areas in focus, we eagerly anticipate expanding our membership base and engagement activities across ANU and with our partners in the Philippines, as well as in government, policy, media, and other non-academic communities. They help guide our overarching goal of strengthening bilateral relations between Australia and the Philippines.

The Institute will host opportunities for both short and long-term fellowships enabling researchers to visit the Australian National University, small grants to support research initiatives in the Philippines, and the organization of the Philippines Update Conferences, which will alternate between Australia (2024, 2026), and the Philippines (2025 and 2027).

We invite you to explore the diverse sections of our website and stay tuned for our content and announcements there and in our updates. Your input and participation are warmly welcomed as we continue to expand and enhance our website and activities of the ANU Philippines Institute.


Björn Dressel
Director, ANU Philippines Institute

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